Holy Trinity, Sydenham


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10.00- 16.00 packing hampers


Voluntary Services Lewisham (VSL), is an independent charity founded in 1969.  Although the charity was originally set up to deliver services supporting people living in the Forest Hill & Sydenham area, the organisation has developed in recent years and some services are now Lewisham Borough wide.

Purpose/Objective of the Role

The Christmas Project supports older and isolated adults and families struggling to make ends meet at Christmas time.

The help provided is hoped to ease some of the burden and let people know they have not been forgotten at what can be a particularly lonely and stressful time of year for people facing a wide variety of issues.  Families on low incomes are given food vouchers and new toys, so they can buy the extra’s that are needed for a Christmas Day lunch and give their child a present on the day.  In some cases, families will also be given a food hamper.  Hampers are given to older, vulnerable and isolated adults.  Other boxes of goods are given to Social Services, hospitals and other voluntary organisations to distribute.

Tasks/Duties Involved

You will be required to sort food, goods and toys for packing, wrap boxes for hampers and update lists.  You will be completing tasks within a team of volunteers, under the supervision of a Voluntary Services Lewisham (VSL) representative

Skills Required 

No previous experience needed. However, good organisational skills are a bonus

Training/Support Given

Induction given for packing and date checking goods. You will be volunteering in a team of people.

Volunteer travel expenses

Benefits of Volunteering to Individual

Meet people from all different walks of life and make a difference at Christmas in your local community

 Application Process

To register your interest, please complete the Volunteer Registration Form . If you have any questions call Aparna on 07378342131