Flexible time with up to 4 hours per month and about 3-4 meetings per year depending on need. Attendance at our annual event, Salifest at the end of September


Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla was formed after the death of the amazing, talented and generous Guinean Drummer and Dancer Salif Sylla in a car crash in 2008. We have continued his work in UK and Guinea.

We organise African Drum and Dance workshops in the community and a yearly Community Music festival to get all our different people together. In Africa we are supporting our partners to build up a Community Centre for self-help projects, including a computer learning and clean water. There is a guest house for people to come and visit, contribute, learn music.

Purpose/Objective of the Role

We need a treasurer to take over from out present post-holder to oversee the finances: procedures, policies and budget. You will be part of a friendly team of trustees steering the charity. Alanouwaly believes in exchange through Arts/Music and Self-help projects in Africa to enrich and progress our common humanity.

The treasurer needs to work with the operational director who does the day to day bookkeeping and an external professional accountant for the yearly accounts.

Tasks/Duties Involved

  • Steer charity as part of the committee
  • Ensure compliance and monitor policies
  • Devise strategy including funding with committee
  • Oversee bookkeeping together with operational director
  • Co-sign cheques and expenditure
  • Oversee and present yearly receipts and payments accounts

Skills Required 

  • Basic numeracy/accountancy (accountancy experience an advantage, but not essential)
  • Basic understanding of financial procedures
  • IT skills and access to IT
  • Ability to work with project management team and other trustees

Training and Support Offer

Induction with explanation of all our key documents and administrative process.

Training in Quickbooks and basic accountancy if needed

Benefits of Volunteering to Individual

  • Being part of a small and vibrant Arts and Culture charity where you can really make a difference
  • Experience in administrating an organisation/charity
  • Get experience in using Quickbooks and accountancy
  • Making friends and connections with a diverse group

Next Steps

Please e-mail Hanna for information & application form info@alanouwaly.com

Contact 07528703662

 Application Process

To register your interest, please complete the Volunteer Registration Form . If you have any questions call Aparna on 07378342131